I rarely ever write about anything very serious. I try to keep my blog as just a surface way of keeping in touch with those far away. However yesterday was bittersweet for me; we laid my Grandpa to rest. I will miss him so much. He was a great Grandpa, very quite, very hardworking, but so much love and so many great memories.

I can't tell you how many hours were spent with him at the museum up the street sparking a life long love of museums or searching for arrowheads in the fields around town. He loved to do things with his grandchildren, which was good because there are plenty of us!

While sad that our family has lost such an incredible man, mostly yesterday was just a sweet day. A day filled with memories of him and comfort.

The preacher did the sermon from Grandpa's bible. He used the words that Grandpa had underlined and the things that he had written in the margin. No matter how much I am going to miss him its hard not to have a huge smile on my face knowing that he loved the Lord and was looking forward to the day he got to go home.

I was also struck with the reminder that for those who love the Lord we know we will see him again and when we see him again he will be healthy, smiling, and active just like he always was before the end. For all that there is nothing else to say except Praise the Lord!!!!

That's what Grandpa wanted for all of us, just to Praise the Lord and work for His glory!