Blogiversary Number Six

If it's news to you that this space even has a blogiversary it would be because I think I've only mentioned it maybe once before. I'm personally just not great at celebrating on certain days at appointed times. I just like to throw a party when I feel like and leave official holidays alone. How is that for passive aggressive. Also, I don't actually think a blogiversary qualifies as a holiday. However, holiday or not I'm stepping back and taking a moment to acknowledge that this little space has been around for six years this month. Which (if your are checking), predates my kids, my marriage, my current residence, and most of my current duties. Isn't that just nuts? It started off as an expat blog for goodness sake!

That is actually the thing I wanted chat about for just a minute, because once you start reading blogs you start sensing that a lot of people blog about something. Or at least about a something. This blog has been an expat blog, a travel blog, a newlywed blog, a mommy blog, an adoption blog, a Christian blog, and most likely will be all sorts of other things before its all said and done. The main thing I do in this space is write memories. It's a place to save our past because, as I have mentioned before, I refuse to scrapbook.

But it can't always be that, because sometimes I straight up share my opinion. In fact, if we are being honest sometimes I get straight up preachy around here. So I guess after six years I found myself sort of wanting to define what is really happening here. Am I memoirist? Can memoirist post their opinions? Can they post How To's? (Don't worry I don't actually have any of those, I know very little.)

Tell my story. It just kept resounding in my head. After the if:gathering those that attended were invited to read through the book of John together and y'all, it has just been hitting me fresh over and over again. Tell my story. Bear witness. Testify. Because the everyday life I live? It is filled with Him. The everyday life I live? Loses sight of Him sometimes. The everyday life I live? Pulls me back to Him. The things I feel passionate (read:preachy) about are the things He has given me to love.

Tell my story. Because ultimately it is His story, His redemption, and His grace that makes my life, my story, what it is.