Boda Boda

Our little motorcycle gang! (Or Boda gang as it were!)

Yesterday we took our lives in our hands and made a family trek on the boda bodas here in Kampala. 

Bodas are the motorcycle taxis that zip in and out and around traffic, and honestly the whole thing is terrifying. 

But evidently also exhilarating. 

You see, we messed up. We thought the kids could handle a quick trip to the market. We had a helper so it was three to five, which at the moment seemed like reasonable odds. 


We were also in a new environment, in a big city, and the walk was further than we had imagined it to be resulting in several major and massive meltdowns and only one kid that actually walked the entire way herself. 

It was desperation. 

It was a need to minimize trauma for our already traumatized children.

So we called them over and hopped on. Did I mention terrifying?

Because seriously. 

However, it did have one upside. For a more fragile brand of children this experience would have been cause for therapy. For our children, both born of us, and coming to us through a grafting? It was therapy. 

I believe in medical terms that would be called sensory seeking. 

Yeah those kinds of kids? We have them.

Which is good. Cause that was so much fun we will probably do it again.