Booker, Texas

Now I know your back because of that awesome teaser yesterday aren't you? (obviously I have been watching too many soap opra's but more on that another day)

It never seems to fail that I have adventures in Booker, Texas. For those of you who aren't familiar with this town I will give you the run down (for those who are please skip to the next paragraph as this will be all the things you've spent you whole life telling people after they ask "where's that?"):

Booker, Texas is in the Northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle. The town has around 1200 people and is a mostly agricultural and oil town (like most towns in the panhandle); it is exactly one square mile. It is also 50 miles away from a Wal-Mart or a major highway. If you don't feel like cooking than the only option that you have is to get food from one of the three gas stations in town (side note: if you go to One Stop you can get movie too!); or you could just go to the tiny grocery store on the corner, but you need to get there early because it closes somewhere around seven o' clock.

Okay on to todays adventures. I don't even know where to start so I'll give you the Day in the life of Kaylie style article:

2:00: Arrive in Booker, meet my dad in the driveway where I get the rundown on the recent (really bad) hail damage.

2:15 Change clothes because it's time to go mow (my father has never understood the concept of rest), not our yard. Everyone else's in town. Okay that's a small exaggeration, but I do mean small, he really covers a lot of them.

2:20 I receive my first assignment to drive the riding mower across the street. Which, of course, meant I had to back it up...anyone wanna guess how that went?!?! Needless to say my dad was leaning out of the truck yelling instructions to me, that I couldn't even hear over the roar of the beast.

3:00 Get in my first fight with the push mower while trying to empty the bag, make a HUGE mess. Luckily for me the owner of the house was in the front yard watching, so that definately made it much better. (I'm not sure how sarcasm translates to typing, but that was my attempt.)

4:10 Start second yard. Get insanely frustated with the skinny twisted yard. Throw a fit. No one sees. Keep working. Get in another fight while empting the bag.

5:00 Stop at IMO's to get a powerade. Attempt to park the riding mower. Discovered that I'm about as good at that reversing the darn thing.

5:10 Start third yard. Backyard goes amazingly well.

5:50 Dad decides to let me drive the "nice" riding mower (different from the other one) while he weedeats.

5:52 Utter panic ensues while attempting to drive the "nice" mower that feels similar to a cheap carnival ride in which the harness doesn't work. Continue to mow in state of panic (evidently missing spots since my dad redid it later.) 

6:05 Use the blower to clean off the biggest, dirtiest driveway ever.

6:13 Father informs me that I missed a spot.

 Now I'm at home with a full belly and aching legs and looking towards a tommorrow that involves a lot more mowing.

Be reporting to you from Booker again tomorrow.