Born Leader and Mover and Shaker

I really believe one of the most fun things about motherhood is watching your children's little personalities develop so drastically in just a little bit of time. They just surprise you and amaze you and make you wonder where that came from???? Lilybug is turning out to be quite the little leader. Yesterday at playdate I told her to wait a little bit and we would go outside. As we were chatting and watching the little babies roll around on the floor we heard a click. Lily had found a step stool, gone to the back door, unlocked it, and opened it; she then proceeded to lead a couple other of the toddlers out the door. Awesome.

Feel free to pray for me. I think it's safe to say I have no idea how to parent such a strong willed child. (Keep in mind she's only "un".) Let all also go ahead and pray together that she uses her gifts for good,

And my Ava? Well she's just giving us glimpses, but I couldn't stop laughing yesterday when she turned into a baby inchworm! She popped up on her hands and knees, pushed herself forward into a plank, dropped down and started over. Creative. Y'all, she isn't even six months old. I had it on my schedule to have her moving around mid-November so I'm nowhere near prepared to have two mobile children under two.

Why do I do that to myself???? When am I gonna learn???? Is there gonna be enough caffeine in the Western hemisphere to rev me up for this????

Well hold those coffee cups up high to toast for more surprises and challenges cause we are just getting started around here.