Break Your Mama's Back

Oh y'all. Last night something cracked. I mean I literally heard a crunching noise emanating from my lower back. My back and I haven't really been getting along for a few months now, but evidently she really doesn't want me hopping up off the ground in any kinda hurry.

Oh I'm moving ever so slooooooowly now.

Last night Russ even had the nerve to stand right in front of me and moon me without fear of harm to his raw hide because he knew I couldn't move that fast.

(Yes I know, we are the picture of maturity and dignity in this household)

So you can just call me Granny K today, cause I'm going to take my hunched over back and go soak in some Epson Salts.

(if you don't hear from me by tomorrow it's because I got stuck in the bath)