Bullet Points and Pictures

I can't possibly make my thoughts into any kind of cohesive storyline. Therefore, bullet points and pictures. 

  • March Madness. I just can't make it happen. I have tried my darndest to care about basketball and I just don't. I guess I'm a one sport kind of girl (to watch, certainly not to play)(don't get crazy) and I'm going to stay loyal to college football. 
  • I got a new sewing machine this week and I keep using the word "dreamy" to describe it, the exact same way someone sixty years ago would have described Elvis. For a second there I though about doing a little armchair psychology on that one, but no, let's just not go there. 
  • Also, I got some floral Ked-like shoes at target and then because I am hardly one to resist a good throwback, I downloaded some Amy Grant. Y'all, this has been such a treasure to my kids. Particularly my girl children, who request that Baby Baby be our morning dance song every single morning. 


Spectacular. Seriously. 

  • Last week the kids and I caved to peer pressure and dug out a garden. (Fine. It was just me. My kids don't need an excuse to dig in the dirt.) And I'm going to admit that it did in fact make me feel all earthy, and productive, and spiritual. (I may or may not have made the kids pray over the ground because I feel like an Angel of Death in a garden.) Now I just have to plant something and see how earthy, productive, and spiritual I feel trying not to kill things. 

IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6103

  • It appears spring has indeed sprung. Now I'm not naive enough to think there is no chance a blizzard will get dumped on us, but I'm saying I packed up the pants, so if it does we will stay in bed and pretend it's not happening. 

IMG_6150 IMG_6148 IMG_6147 IMG_6144