How to Have a Perfect Summer

Our homeschool co-op started three weeks ago. College football started this last week. September arrived. Fall has been creeping in for weeks now.  I just wasn't ready for it. 

This summer was a summer in the sun for us. Maybe it's because it is the first summer in five years that I haven't been pregnant or nursing. Maybe it's because all my kids could walk on their own two feet. Maybe it's because we weren't waiting, saving, or just surviving. 

We lived it up this summer and I have had a hard time letting it go. But now labor day has passed and I'm ready to step fully into the joy of fall. I couldn't let summer go without a some reflection on why it was so sweet a season:

  1. Eat healthy foods.


2. Get lots of exercise.

Fine. I went all crazy mom on this part of the hike. Steep! It was so steep!

3. Stay cool in the heat.


4. Eat your veggies. 


5. Enjoy Nature.


6. Get rest.



7. Read Good Books.


8. Find Your Summer Style.


9. Celebrate!


10. Stay Close to the People You Love. 


The Wounds of a Friend

Over at Community Moms I'm talking about telling the truth in love. You know, the hard stuff. I got schooled. You should too. Join me?

"I didn’t grow up telling the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t supposed to lie, we just didn’t tell the truth about the hard stuff.

In the name of southern grace we had an arsenal of tools to deal with the truth that involved joking about it, using sarcasm, avoidance of the issue, and this really tricky one where you tell someone else in hopes that they will address the issue. (It’s not gossiping if you’re trying to help, right?)"

Read more here.


Let's All Throw A Fit, Shall We?

Today I'm over a Community Moms talking about throwing fits. No, not our kids. Us. Throwing a hissy fit. Come on over and join me there! "There is nothing that brings more depth to a relationship than showing the ugliest you’ve got only to find out that He is a safe place for that. That He loves you and He will never leave you."