Caught Blue Handed

I joined Pinterest. It makes me feels so artsy and creative and organized. I love it and I can't stop pinning. Therefore I started this week with some projects in mind. Since my poor husband has been through it with me and the project doing (my philosophy is go big or go home, his is if You start it, You have to finish it. And then his perfectionism kicks in and he does half my project. Bahhahaha, my plan is working!), I decided I would be sneaky and do them during the day today and clean it up before he got home.

And then...

He came home for lunch.

I got busted. Not only did I get busted doing projects, but I got busted sanding in the house (In my defense it was just a tiny bit of sanding.)

So I snuggled up close to him, gave him a sweet look and said something like, "I know it scares you when you come home and there are screwdrivers, sandpaper, and cans of spray paint out, but thanks for being so understanding about my need to create."

He said, "It's okay it doesn't bother me as much anymore now that we don't have much furniture left."

So I'll take that as Hubs acceptance that I will probably always be messing with something, but also that he acceded to my decorating theory's that all involve dusting less and not having much to vacuum around (because really coffee tables and end tables and "collectables" are really just dust catchers and thing to run into and/or knock over)

I feel like we have reached a good place in our marriage today. And now I must go pin some more!