Chased by Chihuahuas!

I was riding my bike to work this morning (which I do because I am very hip and very green, not because I am too lazy to a) work out on regular basis b) go get gas in my car when I need it), when I turned the corner and all of the sudden I heard the tale-tale bark of an animal on the chase!! My legs started pumping as fast as they could!!! I took a quick glance behind me to see what ferocious beast what chasing me...not one, but two chihuahuas. They were gaining on my fast with thier stumpy little legs and thier barks and growls were growing in thier animosity. My mind was realing. What was I going to do?!?!?!

'The light in front of me is red, if I stop they'll catch me'

'I can't see any cars coming from here maybe I should just risk it and ride through the crazy busy intersection at 8:50 in the morning'

'Maybe I could stop and fend them off with my (very heavy) purse'

'I could ride fast up to the intersection and stop suddenly tricking them into flinging themselves into the intersection and not me!' (Cruel, I know, but at this point I am fearing for my life)

And then out of nowhere....

A little car pulled on to the street and sent those big scary dogs elsewhere..not so tough now are they? Huh? Are they?

I arrived at work a moment later slightly frazzled, but thankfully, alive!

This my friends is why I'm a big dog person...those little ones are out to get you!