Checking In

Oh hi! So glad your still there! I'm just checking in to say that having three kids is eating my lunch. Possibly it is just that having three such young kids is eating my lunch because I read something someone wrote (gotta love that great sourcing) that the hardest thing about having a newborn is having a toddler. Truth. And I have two of them. Anyways before anyone dares lecture me on enjoying these days you should know that even though it is blood sweat and tear inducing hard I'm actually maintaining a pretty good perspective.

I mean I'm aware that in just one short year I will not only not be nursing a baby, but I'll only have one kid in diapers and at least one kid will probably be able to buckle themselves in a car seat. Of course I'm also aware that time will bring all sorts of other fun adventures in parenting. It always does.

Possibly some of it is that this house is full of girls, because I think it is safe to say this house is SUPER full of FEELINGS. Most likely that is caused by all the changes. Just a few things going on:

-New Baby ( that's a big duh) -The longest harvest evah. (Hubs is home late pretty often) -No more morning nap for the middle. -Time Change

So anyways we are drowning over here and just trying to keep our head above water while God shows us His glorious grace every darn day that we make it through.

So what have you been up to?