Repentance and Resolutions

Repentance and ResolutionsHey friends! Today would traditionally be the day that I share my resolutions, but...nope.

Truth be told, in preparation for winter I sort of reevaluated and resolutioned (poetic license)  way back in November.

I wish I could tell you tell you it's been great, that this year of freedom has been delightful and in so many ways it has. Because this last year I wanted good things.

I wanted to share the words God has whispered in my heart, I wanted to reach more women with a message of freedom and faith, and I wanted my book to get published. But in light of a whole bunch of glittering good things. I lost sight of the best thing.

To know Him and to make Him known. 

The kind of girl that loves and reaches people is the kind of girl that knows she is loved and reached. 

Resolutions are just a reach for the gospel. Our hope for something better.

But in my aim for better, I missed the best: Eternity has been set in our hearts.

It is what every human beating heart on this Earth is reaching towards. An, oh friends, it's a powerful motivator. It is the original motivator.

Repentance and Resolutions

In His Image.

It's what we're all really going for right?

With our health and our habits. Our organization and goal setting. All of it points us toward that glorious day of permanent renewal.

To know Him and to make Him known. 

If we set our goals right they all feed this single minded ambition. If we aren't careful the eternity in our hearts can create a life-sucking vacuum. We can keep feeding it with temporal things, even good things, that don't fill gap. It's a gap that can only be filled with grace. Life-giving, should feeding, wild generous grace. The concrete knowledge that we are Holy and Beloved.

Belief comes before behavior an this year repentance comes before resolutions.

I'm emptying the gap. I'm throwing off all the extra weight of approval and acclaim. I want my goals to focus my eyes on eternity in God's presence. I want to clear some room to feel the merciful touch of Jesus. I'm going to get really low and let grace fill the space.

So yeah, I'm still writing down lots of good goals about loving and reaching. Lots of goals about vegetables and movement. Lots of goals about planning and business. But instead of making my resolutions reach for the gospel, I'm going to let the gospel reach into my resolutions?

Join me?