Choosing to Not Live in the Moment

Sunday afternoon it was 65 degrees with no wind. Basically spring had arrived and I was buying into it and choosing to pretend I didn't hear the dire warnings about a terrible blizzard. Lalalalalalalalalalala. When Russ woke me up Monday morning the first words out of my mouth were, "Did the snow monster get us?"

Yes. Yes it did.





Right along with wind around 40-50 miles an hour.

So. Much. Fun.

Not really. I don't like snow and I don't like being cold. But on a good note, Lily loved it and it wore her little tail out. (Read: great nap!)

Anyways, my point is, (ha! you didn't think there was a point) (most of the time you would be correct) sometimes living in the moment is overrated . Because sometimes your moment has you housebound in a snowy, icy trap.

So I'm dreaming of summer and I'm doing it without shame or guilt. Join me!

What I'm looking forward to about summer:

-Popsicles and watermelon.

-Water, I'll take it in any form, lake, pool, sprinkler, whatever.

-Less laundry, due to the afore mentioned popsicles, watermelon, and water I have very little intention of putting my girls in real clothes. Diaper covers and the occasional swimsuit will suffice.

-Hanging out with daddy in the fields. Summertime means daddy isn't in the office much he is out in the fields. Since we are definitely togetherness people we like to load up and go "help" daddy. (Read: Play in the dirt)

Are you enjoying the snow? Or do you want to share in the summer dreaming?