Clean up, Clean up...

Altogether now...Everybody everywhere. Clean up, clean up everybody do your share!

So I mentioned that The Bug is now helping pick up her books, toys, laundry, shoes out of mommy's closet, or what-have-you that she managed to get into during playtime. And she is all in to it, which is without a doubt AWESOME.

I have just one little issue with the whole thing...she knows thing get put away but in her sweet little head you just get an object and put it in a cabinet, basket, or box. You can see where I'm going with this right?!?!?

She has taken it upon herself to start "cleaning up" anything and everything she can get her surprisingly agile little hands on. I have found fun little treasures all over this house. Sippys in the guest bedroom closet, Tupperware in 'her' kitchen cabinet, and one poor little book that made it to the diaper pail.

The Bug? She is on a roll and who am I to stop such zealous productivity? Right? Right?!?!?

I am her mom who can't find anything!!!!! We are going to need to find some balance around here...