Remember when I said that I would rather go swimsuit shopping than shopping for jeans. Well I meant it. So Friday I headed out on a mission and I met up with my little brother because he was on the same mission. And I thought I was the worst jean shopper in the world...until I went with my brother.

An entire afternoon and approximately 7 stores later we both walked away with exactly ONE pair of jeans each. Seriously.

Mom said she didn't know where she went wrong.  But the great thing for me is I can suck the life out of one pair of jeans; I can and will work those jeans for four to five years as the only pair of  jeans I wear!

I know it's pathetic, I know I need to work on that but right now all I can say is.....

PRAISE THE LORD. I have jeans and I don't have to do that again for years!!!!