Conversations with Lily

We are in that special place where I have become Lily's translator for the rest of the world. I have learned that unique toddler language that only a child's mother can understand. However Lily is also very verbal (can't imagine where she got that from?!?!?), and does a pretty good job of making herself understood. Lily: bloo, bloo, bloo, bloo (she hardly ever says anything just once. She's kind of intense)

Me: Would you like some blueberries?

Lily: nnnKaaaaaaaaaaay (yes, she drawls)

Me: Ask nicely

Lily: Nicee

Me: I meant how do you ask?

Lily: Peeze

Lily: Taaaaaaakooooooooooo (thank you)

Other favorites in Lily-speak:

"cha cha" complete with cha cha foot action

"nigh nigh" whenever she wants Ava to go down for a nap to get mommy to herself.

"Go? Go?" accompanied by hands out and very dramatic looking around.

Also, just when I think nothing I say or do is getting through and that I'm a failure as a parent the clouds break. Yesterday while I was folding laundry the Bug grabbed some freshly folded towels and took off at full speed. I was so frustrated and angry I just sat there instead of going after her. Oh, Praise Jesus for those moments when he keeps you still. Because my little Bug? Was Not trying to wreck havoc on my day. She ran to my room, opened my drawers, put the towels in and closed the drawers.

I could have cried. I was so disappointed that I almost got on to her for trying to help, but ever so thankful that the Lord used my frustration to His glory.