Coping Skills

I'm losing it. Maybe it's already gone. I'm not sure.

Either way I already mentioned that I'm feeling a little feisty with this pregnancy, but after four months of puking, a week of shots and teething, and a few door to door salesman I am way more than feisty.

In fact I seem to have lost any semblance of diplomacy or any basic coping skills. Right now my automatic reaction is hysterical.

Case in point.

Two days this week Lily was woken up from her afternoon nap by door to door salesmen that rang the doorbell (she sleeps as light as her mama.)

Me: I'm going to put a sign on the door that says, 'if you don't want your tires slashed don't ring the doorbell.'

Russ: Or you could just make a sign that says,'Sleeping baby, please knock.'

Me: Oh Yeah. That would work too.

So why didn't I think of that? Because right now I'm in a 'kill a gnat with an elephant gun mode'


I need grace.

Grace for myself.

Grace for others.

His Grace.

Breathing. Putting down the gun. They are just flies after all...

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