Counting the Stars

We are morning people in this house. We are up far before dawn breaks, in fact this morning after we finished breakfast Lilybug asked to see the stars. Being the good daddy that he is my Hubs grabbed a blanket and we all trekked outside to lay on the trampoline and look at the stars. Lily started counting,

"Un, Two, Bree,"

Then she stopped. Not because she didn't think there were more stars. No, no she knew that there where more. She just hasn't learned anymore numbers. She didn't have the depth of vocabulary to express the "more" of the universe.

Ask her again in a year, five years, or even fifteen years. She will know more. She will be able to express more.

When I dig into the scriptures. When I hit my face in prayer. When I stand up to tell about Jesus. I'm overwhelmed by how deep it goes. I can't yet express the way I want to, but it's getting easier.

I'll keep learning, keep going deeper. Just as it would be foolish and almost impossible to stop the Bug from learning right where she's at we as followers of Jesus would be fools to stop learning. If we are really following Jesus it would be almost impossible not to go deeper.

Gazing up at the infinite universe can change your life, it can make you grateful, it can make you humble, it an also blow you mind when as you grow more knowledgeable and realize...the more you know the more you understand that you will always have more to learn.