Creative vocabulary

I love College football. I know that comes as no surprise, but really it's just awesome. One of my favorite things lately about college football is talk radio. As we speak I'm sitting here listening to ESPN radio, which is the best app ever on a fall Saturday because they air Game Day.

There is a reason that football radio talk is so spectacular and reason has nothing to do with game analysis, ridiculous picks (I'm talking to you Lou), or random football history from the "glory days." No it all comes down to the creative vocabulary. Truth is I have no idea if most of the words they use are real words or not (I highly suspect the latter since my iPhone doesn't know them), nonetheless they become my favorite football words.

Current favorite creative vocabulary words:

Trickeration- Using a non-conventional play that is meant to deceive the other team as to your team's intent to move the ball down the field.

Self Tacklization- When a player trips over your his own feet or a player on his own team causing him to be down

Heard any words that have struck your fancy lately?