Cry for Help

HELP ME!!!! (How was that for a cry for help?)

Okay my dear sweet village I'm in need of some advice.

Here is the deal, I am in severe pain. I have had a lot of low back pain with all of my pregnancies, but I'm to the point where I can't actually walk at the end of the day.

Turns out that is a little problematic.

Here are the main problems:

1. This is third pregnancy in rapid fire succession so my body has had almost zero recovery time. I am weak in the core and I know it, I just ant do a whole lot about it.

2. I carry my babies posterior which is notorious for causing back pain (also back labor, thus almost missing my first labor).

3. I have a precious, adorable, healthy twenty-three pound baby. While she is pretty independent she still needs a lift pretty often.

Of course the most common sense thing to do would be to just park it in my recliner and rest my weary back, but with two active toddlers that desperately need some time with mommy before new baby comes. Since it is Russ's busy season I can't even farm out the dreaded bath time!

Anyone with any experience got tips? Stretches, ideas, thoughts on how to make the next few weeks work without me ending up bedridden?