Crying at Commercials

It's IF week so I'm not just all that available right now. I'll do a photo dump later this week so that y'all can adore my kids the way I do, but real quick, lets talk about things that make us cry. I know! So fun right. No really though, I remember making fun of my mom because she would seriously cry at stranger's weddings and I though, gee that's weird.

Until Now.

Because I present to you a not even close to exhaustive list of things that make me cry. ***And by cry I don't mean one glistening tear on my cheek. I mean weep, until you make those ugly guttural noises that make you sound like a wild animal. ***

1. Communion. During the hard year I started crying during communion. I though when I got better the weeping would stop. It didn't. My bread and wine (Or crackers and juice as it were) are always salt flavored these days.

2. When my kids stop saying things wrong. The other night Ava was looking for her elephant, and she said, "Where is my elephant?" instead of "Where is my elescent?" and I burst in to super mature and held together tears. Just wait until Alex figures out that Super Arrows are really called Super Heros. I will be inconsolable.

3. This video: (And Oh No! I didn't just cry the first time. I have cried every time.)

And this video:

And this commercial:

It would appear that I need to stay off of YouTube. And also? Buy waterproof mascara.