Dangerously Smart

I like to tell a bunch of funny stories about the Bug and I enjoy recording memories in here so that we can, well, remember. (Because I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never scrapbook.) I don't, however, sit around and brag on the Bug very often because nobody likes the mom who goes around telling you how superior her children are. I mean no one needs to hear how cute, brilliant and funny your kid is all the time.

But the Bug really is cute, brilliant, and funny!!!! Really. Seriously. I can prove it.

Yesterday I asked her to clean up blanket time and in an effort to engage her in picking up and make it a positive experience instead of something she is forced to do I asked her to help me pick up her shapes and put them in the shape sorter.

"Lily, mommy needs help finding where the shapes go! Can you help me put the shapes in the box?"

Lily looked at me like something was wrong with me, walked over and... opened the lid.

Boom. She walked off and started folding the blanket.

BRILLIANT. Check. FUNNY. Check. CUTE. Check. Check.