Dawn Over Dulles: Photo Dump

Quick Pics and Update:

20140309-080855.jpg Lily got it in her head this morning that she needed to ask the Pilot for a candy, so look what happened when she saw a pilot!!!!


We had an eight hour layover in DC that I had carefully packed and planned a little campout so my people could sleep. They didn't. We didn't. This is somewhere around 4:00 AM.

20140309-081357.jpg 4:15 AM

20140309-081410.jpg 4:30 AM Evidently we thought this was a great time for a photo shoot.

20140309-081213.jpg Right as the sun is coming up over DC my people crashed.


Except Jane. She is feeling pretty feisty.


Those two blobs are my girls.

They have been amazing. They have kept happy hearts and rolled with the flow. We are exhausted and have miles and miles to go, but I am overwhelmed by being able to experience this adventure with my people, I'm bubbling over at the thought that in 36 hours, if just for a brief time, we will be together as a family of seven.

My cup runeth over.