Dear Autumn: Day One

Dear Autumn, Worry not, our first day was great!

Okay so we turned the stroller over twice and I had to dig leaves out of both John and Ava's mouths simultaneously and there was some minor bloodshed and just a little nudity (one of mine not yours, just thought you should know in case your neighbors mention it). No biggie. We're surviving and thriving!

You might be surprised to know that your eldest is having the hardest time missing you out of all the littles. I told her we will try to get you on the phone so she can hear you voice. Also I let her stay up ten extra minutes and eat energy bites with me and that seemed to console her a little!

We prayed for y'all lots yesterday. I know it's hard to be away from your babies sweet mama but they are happy (mostly) and healthy. They went to bed with full bellies, clean heads, and fed spirits. Let that comfort you so that you can be rejuvenated in your time with your husband and with The Lord!




All Our Love! K an the Crew!