Dear Autumn: Day Two

Dear Autumn, So the first fourteen hours after midnight? Awesome!

A tried to teach Lily how to do puzzles, E got a prize at school for being an extra super good Helper (her words) or "Intense" (Bethany's words", and the babies started having some pretty hilarious interaction with leans and smiles and paci grabbing.

And then came the puke....

And Oh! has there ever been some. In the kitchen, bathroom, living room, two beds, a pack n play, and me. I'm not even gonna lie and act like it hasn't been rough. It has. Like any normal little children your sick babies want their mama.

Looking for the silver lining? Your village.

Literally and figuratively your little village has shown us all the grace, mercy, and servants' hearts you could ever imagined. They have fed an bathed babies so that I could hold back hair and change sheets. They have gotten 7-Up and crackers so that I could dole out hugs and wipe tears. One phone call and Miss Cindy was here in a flash to help us take care of everything. Your babies even all made it to bed on time and so far we have had no further incidents.

Your team was there for you tonight and you littles have been well loved. Make no mistake that even a whole team of us don't have the same touch that you do, but nonetheless comfort has come through the Body of Christ and it is a beautiful thing.

Worry not mama, the laundry is being done, the babies are bathed and there is more than abundant love flowing out of this heart to to comfort any and every sick child in this house.

Love, K and the Crew