Dear Ava: Three

Dearest Mae Who, Saturday you turned three. It blows me away, because to me you still seem so bitty. My tiny little Ava baby. But, you aren't a tiny little baby anymore, you are a strong and capable little toddler figuring out your own way into growing up.

Oh sister, are you ever doing it your own way. I remember back to that first year with you, so quiet and calm. I was almost afraid sometimes that your personality wouldn't ever reveal itself.


Turns out I need not have worried. You have spent the last two years flipping our world upside down and making us laugh until our bellies ache. (Usually, when we should be being stern.)

You are so precious and compassionate. You are the first to wipe away tears from anyone sad, the first to kiss anyones ouchie, and the first to give a hug.

You also happen to be a brick wall. I can't deny that you are fierce and if you and your brothers and sisters were having a throw down? Daddy and I would put our money on you every time. For a child  so sweet, you have no lack of strength and boldness.

Keep that dear one. Keep that wonderful anomaly of being able to fiercely love people and still stand firm right where you are at. I learn so much from your ability to stand firm without growing hard. Hold fast to the gifts God has given you Ava Mae very few hold the capacity that your tiny body does for being strong, compassionate and knock-down funny all at the same time.

Daddy and I are praying for you daily. Okay, truthfully, you drive us to our knees far more than that, but we are happy to be there for you!

Love you Mae baby!


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Catching a breeze!

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