Dear Russ: Happy Anniversary

Dear Russ, So I'm not much of a romantic and neither are you. We are both practical in a little less talk and a lot more action sort of a way. However today on our fourth anniversary I have decided to wax a little poetic and I figured that the best place to do that was on the Internet for all to see. I knew you'd be happy about that. *grin*

Cause here is the deal babe, we are in an intense season of life. We have small babies, we have an adoption, we have a ministry and you have a full time job to top it all off. Marriage would be hard if you had nothing else to do but be married all day.

Here is my point though, this day:



Was definitively not the happiest or most important day of my life.

It was a happy and important day but not the happiest or most important.

We have spent happy days vacationing in Bali, or laying around on the couch watching football. We have had mind blowing happy days experiencing the birth of our children.

We've even had really important days with really important choices since then. Like the choice to start an adoption or the choice to do College Ministry. More vital has been the choice to hang in there on the long nights and cranky attitudes.

But I still linger on the fact that those four years full of joy and life changing turns were neither the happiest nor the most important.

Neither, dear Russ, is that day today or at any milestone or specific landmark that we are waiting for expectantly.

It's simply the hope of tomorrow.

The hope of a lifetime of tomorrow's that mean something to both of us.

The hope that until the day we both see Jesus face to face that we will continue to look forward to our "happiest and most important" day and not ever backward at it.

So when the days get long and the seasons move slow; when the light seems bright and overpowers the future remember that while we might not see eye to eye, we are always looking in the same direction.

I love you very much!


*Also as an anniversary gift to you I sort of proofread this before I posted it!*