Decorating Dissention

Hello Friends! I'm a total blogging slacker and there is no excuse for it! So our house has a serious problem of decorating dessention. Not just a Christmas mind you, but this is when it seems to come out the most.

I married a traditionalist. His decorating style is flawless, aproved and adored by my mother. His style could be found in any good Southern Living or Texas Homes magazine.


I'm a little more whimsical shall we say.  I love color and versatility. I like to experement knowing full well that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. My style isn't quite in the magazine rack but a little more blog friendly like Heather Bailey or Laura Gunn.

Anyways you could see how putting up Christmas decorations could spark a 'Deck the Halls' war worthy of any Hollywood screenplay.

Really I just think the fact that we survive decorating day is a testament to how much we love each other and Jesus, otherwise, we might hurt each other.

All that to say...we did it!

Our house is filled with Christmas Cheer. From our uuber traditional tree with red ribbons and heirloom ornaments to our shiney silver mini-trees and glass containers filled with silver ornaments on our bar.

'Tis the Season!