Directional Issues

It's no secret that I have some depth perception issues. Thus all the running into walls and doors and cars and whatnot. However I keep a pretty good sense of direction most of the time. But my daughter seems to be a little confused about which way she is going.

You see I put her on her tummy and she starts out here:

And then this happens:

And she inches her way back (and by inches I mean huge pushes that move her way further than you can imagine):

And before I know it she has wedged herself into something:

I tried explaining to her that if she goes forward she might not run into things (I say 'might' because I go forward and that never seems to stop me from running into things), however she is only interested in sliding around backwards.

It adds an element of speed when I put her on a blanket on the wood floor in the kitchen and sometimes she ends up in the pantry before I can catch her. Oh the excitment of the chase. Am I really ready to have a mobile baby?

I think not.