Do You See What I See?

My sweet sweet baby. My smiler.

My chill kid.

I think she's gonna be stinker!!!!!

Do you see it?


That glint in her eye. It's there and it's starting to show. The form its taking in particular? She has her big sister's number.

I have a beloved younger sibling myself so I know all about this game. It's fun watching it from the sidelines. Little brothers and sisters have a knack for knowing just what buttons to push and Miss Ava Mae is no exception.

The other night as I was feeding them dinner, Lily loudly announced that Ava had taken her bib off; I couldn't quite get there fast enough for the Bug not to mention it a few more times. Ava must have noticed because (and for once I'm not exaggerating) she look straight at her and pulled off her bib again. Cue Lily going into a tailspin about the bib again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Three times y'all.

We got trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with A?