Dossier 2.0

Well we turned in our second dossier this week. That's right, two dossiers and no completed adoptions. Since we made some changes to our parameters we basically started from square one. I would love to tell you how excited I am about this new adventure and the new road we are traveling down but the truth is the only woks I can use to describe how I feel is...annoyed.

Not with anyone or anything in particular because I know everyone is just trying to do their job and protect the children, but really???? We couldn't just throw that first dossier in a copy machine and keep the original for court. Every.single.person. who touches it must have an original?

I am also annoyed with myself because my goal was to have it in by the end I July and in case you don't have a calendar handy it's the middle of August.

I desperately want to learn to wait on God. I am desperately praying to see the Glory in his timing.

Help a sister out and pray for me, mmmmmmk?