Eight Months

Avacakes! You are eight months old now and it is a very exciting age. You have found your sweet little voice and you jibber jabber all day long. You not only crawl all over the place, but your currently mastering the art of pulling up. Get it girl! Also, you have found your appetite and are proving to be your mothers daughter. You'll eat pretty much anything but you love some avocados which is handy in drumming up all sorts of AVAcado puns. And as you'll figure out very soon your dear daddy loves a pun!

In fact you might notice as you get a little older that daddy and mommy are always excited about something. We are enthusiastic about any random thing that sparks our fancy. This has gotten us labeled geeks more than once in recent years. Some might even call us a little weird. That's okay. And it's okay for you too.

Geek out Ava Mae. If something excites you don't hold back for the sake of being cool. Have passions, pursue interests, take risks, fail and move on. Mommy and daddy will be standing right behind you cheering you on and when the whole world thinks your weird you can always blame it on us.

Mommy prays over your sweet smiling face at least ten times a day. Your gonna have to get used to that because it's not about to stop!

Love you sweet baby!


The Parenthood