Eight Months: Jane

Hi Darling Janie!

You are now eight months old, and it's killing me! Gosh, I cannot express just how adorable and sweet you actually are, and you grow even more so with each passing month. 

You have such a laid back, take it with a grain of salt, personality that sometimes it surprises me that you can be such a go-getter. You are crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything. There is very little you can't seem to get to anymore. In fact, here lately you get just a little frustrated when you can't get yourself pulled up on something, but you haven't proved to be all that temperamental, so you usually just figure out another way. 

I'm also going to go ahead and thank you for your infinite patience with your big sisters' involvement with you. I know I have mentioned it before but all that tugging, pulling, kissing, and those weird noises they make are because they seriously just burst with love for you. You life just isn't that gentle, but you take it all in stride; I like to think you are just soaking in all the love with a grateful heart. That seems more like your style anyway. Actually now that I think about it, you seem to even thrive in the moments when your sisters are all over you. It seems like just when I get all stressed out and worried over how they are treating you, my sweet baby girl, you will give us a charming little giggle to let me know how much you love them.

Do that always. Always remember to find the fun in the crazy, overwhelming moments of life. There will plenty of them. 

Mommy and Daddy are praying for you always.