Eleven Months

Ava Cakes! You are now eleven month old, which basically scares the tar out of me. When did that happen? How did it go so fast?

You are now a little speedster and can crawl almost as fast as your big sister can walk. Needless to say you have been keeping me busy! You love our big ole couch cause you can pull up on one and and walk yourself around almost the whole room without having to crawl. However, you haven't shown much interest in walking yet, most likely because you know you can move faster on your hands and knees!

You are also learning your signs, but you aren't really interested in doing them, you are just sweet enough to appease daddy and me. You adore clapping your hands and dancing and you never met music you didn't like!

Unfortunately (for mommy) you are also learning the art of pushing boundaries and you always give me an adorable "who me?" Look when I have to call you on it. Dear one because I love you so much that sweet smile isn't going to get you out of much trouble around here. However, I can't speak for anywhere else ;)

I'm holding on to these last days of your first year so tightly. You are such a gift to this family!

Love you sweet baby!