Elk Calling

Things are a little crazy for me around here this time of the year so the blogging my be a little sporadic for awhile due to the fact my brain is filled with dance stuff (not that it takes much to fill my little brain). Anyways, Lily has a superfun new trick that she learned in which she squeals at the highest pitch possible whenever she is happy, and rest assured that Russ and I? Well we have a very happy baby. Her squealing services have actually been requested on an Elk Hunt due to their Elk Calling similarities. I'm considering hiring her out for that cause someone has got to pay for all those diapers. ( I kid, the only person Lily will be working for for quite some time is us, because well that's what kids do right? Clean house and do yard work for their parents? No? Just me? Okay) (Also, mom and dad I know you may disagree with above statement but it definitely Felt like that for a few years)

I'm just glad to know my girl has a future as an Elk Hunting guide. I guess her education can just be a backup plan now!