En Route

(This was yesterday's too) Bonjour!!!

I am En Route to Paris. I hope all goes well as I have a very close train change!

As I have never really though about going to Paris before I have no idea how to do this! I have a ticket and a room and that's about it...so if anyone has any advice or is bored at work feel free to google Paris and give me some ideas!

(See this is proof that I really am different. The old Kaylie would NEVER have been able to just pack her bags in one day and set off for a town without any schedule or plans!)

Also, as my cousin Jenny has offered to come help me in my misery, I would like to invite anyone else that would like to come join me for three days in Paris!

Thank you all much for your love and support.

Au Revior (yes, I realize yesterday I ended with Hello! Oops!)