Endorsing Ethiopia

Alternately entitled: That time that Jane cut her first tooth and Lily puked on a twelve hour trans-Atlantic flight and we still had a pretty good flight. Listen, this may come as shock, but when we first decided to take the girls with us on this trip my first thought wasn't, "Hey! That'll be a breeze because people love it when you take your pre-schooler, toddler, and infant on 40 total hour travel time treks across the globe."

I know weird

I am admittedly a British Airways snob, but when your dropping that much money on that many tickets at the last minute you take what you can get and run with it!

Now it wasn't like, dreamy, our kids weren't perfect/went to bed after eating all their airplane food dinner and never cried kind of kids on the plane, but get this: No one seemed surprised. In fact they seemed to think it was normal, and hey! We happen to have ear plugs and eye masks for such a time as this.

Admittedly the flight was so empty most people had an entire row section to themselves, but the second we got on they moved us up to the bulkhead and put up a bassinet for Jane. The girls immediately started making friends all over the airplane because there were probably no less than twenty other kids around their age on the flight., including infants y'all. (Currently resisting the urge to preach about cultural attitudes toward children, specifically traveling children and I want credit for resisting!)

We laughed we watched movies, we slept, a little, mostly not at the same time, but sleep did happen. I have pictures to prove it, and if it wouldn't have woken her up I would have created an entire photo documentary of all the ways that Ava manage to fall asleep. Given we were a little delirious at this point so everything was kind of funny!

20140311-013006.jpg Boarding the plane!

20140311-013326.jpg The Bug stretched out across a couple of seats.

20140311-024301.jpg That would be Russ, Ava, and somewhere in that nest of blankets attached to the wall is Jane.

Lily made friends with a representative from the UN's girl up program and they just sat and chated for hours. Russ and Ava mostly got their snuggles on while I talked adoption with a couple adopting from Ethiopia and stooge in my socks in the galley giggling with the flight attendants over Jane's hair and chubby thighs while they passed her around and petted her like she was the best thing they had ever seen.

And, yeah, Lily puked. I think it was sheer exhaustion, but something that could have defined our entire flight was taken care of in a few minutes. A sincere smile and a nonchalant comment that it happens and they were on the move. The people around us pitched in and got flight attendants and watched babies while we cleaned up and changed clothes.

And, yeah, Jane cut a tooth while we were way up in the thin air, but it wasn't stressful because of all the other mommies and daddies on the plane had a sympathetic know lining smile for me while we all bounced our tired babies in the spare spaces.

So, yeah, if your looking to take you young family to East Africa or Asia I would definitely recommend Ethiopia. Cause you know, it's like a big communal family all night party.

Also the girls help up fabulously right up until we landed in Kampala and had to wake them up to get them off the plane. Yikes!




20140311-025312.jpg Tired eyes in our way to Jinja!

20140311-025355.jpg We attempted dinner at our hotel restraunt overlooking the Nile (Yes I'm bragging) but tears prevailed so we had dinner sent to our room while we all showered and crashed into sleep lumps under mosquito nets.

And now it is 3:09 AM, I jus got Jane back down and I can't sleep. Not just because of Jet Lag, but y'all tomorrow morning? We meet the boys.

It's like Christmas on steroids with side effects of great anxiety. I better try to sleep though. Hopefully the internet will hold up tomorrow night and I can tell you all about it!