Especially Loved

We had a party to go to after church a few weeks ago, which meant we needed to go out to eat for lunch. In a strange and undesirable world, we chose Burger King. Not only for the time killing play center but for the $1.50 for 10 chicken nuggets deal. *Sigh* We are nothing if not practical. Because of my distaste for said eating establishment, I couldn't even tell you the last time I was in one, but it was surely 20 years ago.

They didn't have crowns then.

But they do now.

Somewhere in the stir of getting seated, passing out water bottles (yeah, we take our own water bottles), and general chaos of trying to feed five kids, I heard my sweet girl exclaim,

"I'm feeling especially loved!"

Um. Huh?

I mean I know you like to eat out and all, but that seem hyperbolic even for her in this situation. So in my pause I look her in her, now sparkling, eyes as she continued.

"You brought me to the King's Crown. I feel so special!"

Oh my heart.

If you have little girls you know what I'm talking about here. If you don't, here is the run down: The King's Crown is the diner in the Fancy Nancy books that could have drawn their muse from my eldest daughter.

We took her for a small treat at Burger King and she knew she was loved because she was feasting at the King's Crown Diner.

In those glowing and shiny eyes, the small wasn't small anymore, and the incidental wasn't accidental. She was loved, by more than just her well-meaning, but not intentional, parents, but by her God. Her God that worked it for her good, when her clueless parents just wanted to feed a big family on a small budget.

He blessed her and in her childlike faith, she had the eyes and sense enough to see a blessing for what it was.

Oh blessed perspective.

As we sit down tomorrow to share our thanks to God for family, friends, and food, maybe, just maybe, we could dig a little deeper. We could fine the sacred ordinary in our lives that could flip our perspective. We could find all the ways in which we are especially loved by our Creator who gives good gifts to His children.

I pray that we find a childlike faith to see and have the sense to realize that we are Especially Loved.