Family of Four

Sorry it's been so long. I would live to tell you it's because I'm completely swamped, but honestly it's because my sweet husband and mom have been here giving me complete permission to be lazy the last two weeks. You don't have to tell me twice! Actually today is the first day I've been on my own with both girls all day. So I thought I'd update you on a million things that I meant to blog about the past couple of weeks:

1. Did mention my husband and my mom? Cause yeah I pretty much have forgotten how to fetch my own water. It was awesome.

2. The number one question I he asked these days is, "How is Lily taking it?" Well, she LOVES her sister and is highly concerned about her, she is a little moody but not really acting out. The only really major change I have seen is that she is very upset with me. Therefore I'm being ignored. Ouch! More on that later.

3. The food. God Bless the food. If you do not live in a part of the world where people bring you food when you have a baby then I'm sorry for you. Because Oh My Goodness the Wonderful.

4. Speaking of the food it's time for me to get back down to discipline so I have decide to try to limit myself to healthy food and only one piece of leftover dessert a day! ;)

5. Ava is doing wonderful. She is a very laid back baby. She smiles a lot (call it gas if you want, I choose to believe she is happy), cries very little and can pass gas like a grown man. (Okay maybe it is gas)

6. Also today we went to the grocery store with the Ava in the sling and Lily in the cart. It went well. However I will need someone to tell me how exactly I'm supposed to go to the bathroom when we are out running errands with a baby and toddler on tow.

7. We got an email from our adoption agency that said they are now working with more than one baby home so we are still holding out hope for bringing baby boy home before the end of the year!

Promise that I'll be back with more updates soon. (I feel comfortable promising that because I can see that all day with two non verbal girls is leaving me with a need for an outlet!)

Right now I have diapers to change and sweet little mouths to feed!