Family Talk Plan

So sometimes my kids sit around the table and chat before meals. They say and do adorable things. Buuuuuuttttttt, it actually kinda sounds like this…. "Ensaucente"

"Oh look my chair has a boat today"

"Mommy, is your coyote going to be warm when we get in"

"Peel, Peel"


"Are you making hot meal?"

Because families have a funny way of doing that don't they? Taking bits and pieces of things from along the way and making it into a world of their own. Gathered from shared experience for those exact people that God put together.

I have no doubt that if someone from outside this house heard all that, they would be scratching their head in confusion while we dissolve into giggles.

Because this is our family talk. The words that happen on the inside of this house through silly jokes, pretend play that stuck, and languages meshed together swirled around with a whole lot of love.

How about you. Anything your family says that would baffle the world outside your doors?