Fancy Packaging

Y'all, I'm gonna be honest with you and tell you this whole post is really only going to be understood by one person and that is my friend Jaclyn. But I'm writing it anyways cause she is a busy suit wearing person and this is how I often communicate with her. Also, feel free to keep reading if you are into yummy chocolate.

So the other day I was at WalMart with the girls and I snuck these in the basket at the checkout:


Because, you know, mama needs some chocolate.

And when Naptime rolled around and I was able to pop one in my mouth (yeah, I wasn't about to share those) I received a delightful surprise. They tasted jut like these:


They are just wearing a fancier dress.

I was in awe at this revelation and also it scared me a little bit. Scared you may ask, why scared? Because in the on the scale of extremist personalities I fall pretty heavy on the scale. Which means I don't do just a little bit of anything. Don't believe me? When I was studying abroad in Italy I would go by a whole package of those yummy Happy Hippos every other day and eat THE WHOLE THING. Because Hey! I'm in Italy. What's one summer of indulgence. Right? Right?!?!?

Anyways, point being, now that I have found Happy Hippos' fancy doppelgänger feel free to stage an intervention if you see one to many pretty gold wrappers hanging out of my diaper bag.

Because, ya know, mama needs chocolate.