Feasting and Fasting

Yesterday we celebrated my bookend babies' birthdays!

Alex* turns five tomorrow and Jane turns one on Saturday, but we celebrated last night, because Russ and the girls are leaving tomorrow. 

We partied. We ate cake, and jumped rope, we played chase, and we ate cupcakes. 

We feasted. 

See pictures below. 

Now. Now it is time for some fasting. 

We are desperately praying for a passport miracle on Monday. 

Because life is like that right? Seasons of feasting and celebration. Seasons of fasting and supplication. 

The absolute earliest we could reasonably expect passports is Wednesday. It could also be so much longer. So we are asking that if you have followed this journey, or just jumped in, if you are willing to stand beside us tomorrow as we fast and pray for a passport miracle. 

Also, my heart is heavy and my faith is small, so if your standing with us on this one, could you send me an encouraging note? It can be privately or however you want. I'm just pretty low and in need of a lift. 

Share in us with the fast and we will soon get to share together in the feast. 

And we can feast. I promise. I'll prove it...

*I'll do a name post and explanation this next week!

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