Fightin' Mad

I am very angry at Russ. Why?

Did he not kiss me good morning and tell me how much he loves me? Nope...he did that.

Did he not tell me I could sleep as long as I needed and he would wake me up in time to get ready for work? No...he did that too.

He made my tea this morning and he helped me with the cheeseball that I'm taking to work.

So why am I so angry, I know your dying to know!!!

I had a dream. Yup I dreamt that he mad me mad. I don't remember what dream Russ did to make me mad. I just know I woke up mad at him. Which is crazy because in real life it is impossible to stay mad at him for more than three minutes at a time.

So what did he do? Covered me up so I could take a morning nap and have a good dream about him.

We're I'm alright now!  God Bless that man for having to live with me and my moody and emotional self!!!!