Because I know it's ridiculous but that doesn't make me not care. Pandora issues:

Somewhere along the way my Pandora App accidentally got deleted, which really is NBD. Except it is. When I reinstalled it on my phone it didn't have any of my stations which again NBD. Except I had taught all of my stations to play only the music I wanted. Years of thumbing up or down to create perfect stations down the drain. Now I can't even play my classic broadway show tunes stations without rushing to skip past anything from Cabaret to get to some good ole Julie Andrews while the girls and I are cleaning the house.

Matching clothes:

The girls are both needing some winter clothes so I decided to do a little pre-shopping (when our waiting for money) online. Turns out its difficult to find matching baby and toddler clothes. If you have known me for more than two minutes you probably know two things about me: 1. I love Jesus 2. I love for my family to be matching. I will figure this little conundrum out. Make no mistake about that.

Toaster Oven Dinger:

When I take my food out of the toaster oven the timer doesn't automatically turn off, so later while I'm busy enjoying my hot food it dings and I always go check it like there will be something in there. Every. Stinking. Time. It's actually the only thing I miss about the microwave.

You? Annoying non-issues that bother you?

Oh no? You mean I'm the only obsessive crazy confuses person out there?!?!?!