Fit for a Queen

Y'all, I just have so many friends who are rockstars. My beautiful roommate from college opened a shop called Queenies Headbands and she was supporting a sister who made scarves on instagram. (because that is what rockstars do.) I half jokingly said I wanted a headband with flowers like the scarf.

She sent me this little gem last week, and I haven't taken it off yet. 

Because I love all things floral. And pretty. And it so very soft. And I it makes me look like my hair is fixed when it isn't. (It usually isn't.)


Did I mention she's a rockstar? Because she also made some bright and fun headbands for the girls. This was my attempt to get them all three to simultaneously stop trying to switch headbands and smile for the camera. Obviously I failed. The good news? You can see my pretty headband from pretty much every angle!


Fine. This is what it really looks like, because messy buns are our friend.  I'm actually sort of glad Kelsey took the reigns and just sent me one, because right after that all the Valentines headbands came out and I would have been crippled with indecision. Come to think of it I may go ahead and help myself to this one anyway.


 Listen, I sort of can't help loving this whole movement of women that are able to be world changers right from home. I love this idea of making beautiful things and sharing it with the world all while making a beautiful life as well. It's why I have an Etsy problem.

I can't help but think that the world needs more women like this. And for that matter, more headbands like this. As much as we all love Target, you just can't find something like this there. So go check out her website because you seriously need this brand of beautiful simplicity in your life.