Five ( and a half) Months: Jane

Dear Jane a Roo Who, Your five months old! Well a little over five months old, but it was probably time you learned that mommy doesn't have it together and most likely will not ever get it together. That's okay though. Nobody does dear one. Not really. Just go ahead and not bother ever believing that lie. Imperfection in your life will leave plenty of room for a perfect Jesus.

Now on to my big message: I need you to just SIMMER DOWN YOUNG LADY! You are all up on hands and knees, rocking back and forth, and falling over your arms. Memo to you, you are my whittle littlest baby and I'm gonna need you to slow down! Except of course that it's adorable when you hop your little knees up trying to get moving. When you giggle as your big sisters jump around your striving little self.

In fact when it comes to giggling you have it nailed. You giggle at your sisters, you giggle when mommy sings, you giggle when daddy flys you around, you even giggle when I get you out of bed in the morning.

I love your sweet giggle. I love it. Your joy brings me joy baby girl! Mommy and daddy are praying for you daily!

Love you, Mommy