Five Months

Hi Avacakes! You're five months old now! I can't believe how the time has flown by as I watch you grow. You still have a smile for anyone and every one you meet!

All the sudden you are hitting milestones like crazy; you're rolling over, growing hair, sleeping through the night, and sometimes even sitting up by yourself. You are just so very strong!

You have also started laughing and like all the other girls in this house you are super ticklish and I can assure you right now that your daddy will take full advantage of that little fact.

We love to laugh in this house and we are so glad you love to laugh with us. I want you to always be humble enough to laugh at your silly self and always be compassionate enough not to laugh at the expense of others. God created us to giggle and be joyful and when we do that with pure hearts we glorify Him!

Also just for the record you are doing way better in the car seat since we moved you over by your sister, sorry it took so long we just didn't know you needed some company!

Daddy, Lily, and I love you so much sweet baby!