I am substitute teaching now while I look for a job. It's really fun and kinda easy money, you just follow the directions that the teacher leaves for you and you get to hang out with kids all day! Friday I was lucky enough to score fourth and fifth grade. Why is this lucky you might ask? Because while they might know to push you a little harder, they also are more self sufficient so as long as you get them under control they are great! So on to Friday morning...

I go in grab the instructions off the desk and start reading.

Utter panic ensues. I start breathing shallow. Sweat beads are forming on my forehead. My mind is racing a mile a minute to remember what I'm supposed to remember.

And then it its me that while the paper says 'Spelling Test' I myself don't actually have to take a spelling test...I have to give it.

Now for those of you who don't know this about me lets clear a few things up: School was never that difficult for me, I have always loved to read and have an exceptionally high reading level, I am high in the running for the worlds worst speller. No seriously, I never got it then, and I don't get it now.

My heart sunk, I had to do this evil terrible thing to these children. I was required to inflict on them what I couldn't stand myself.

Kids these days are just cool as cucumbers though, as the test started I saw no anxiety attacks that I very well would have had in fifth grade. I saw no panic in thier faces. However after looking over the graded papers I have come to the conclusion that maybe I just put a little too much stock into spelling test. These kids didn't even seem to care that they did horrible or that they spelled 'soup' wrong.

Why?!?! How do you just not care?!?!?!

Well, once we headed to the computer lab I found out real fast that 10 year old are a whiz with spell check and quite frankly I'm with the 10 year old.

Down with all Spelling Tests!!!!!