Found Out

So he told me to wait. I had every single intention of listening to that sage piece of advice from my dear husband who has almost seven years on me and tons of painting experience. No really. I did.

But the girls were at Nana's house and those unopened package from Ikea were just sitting there mocking me. They were begging to be opened. Begging to be painted.

I knew I only had to wait one more day until the weather would permit. It was one day too long.

So I had plan to just paint a couple panels really quick to see how it would look, clean up and be done in time to take a little nap.


The plan actually went well until that whole clean up part. Because I failed to notice the can of paint said that it could be only cleaned with Xylene. Do you know what Xylene is? Paint thinner.

So basically what happened is that I tried to clean the paint brush (that was completely disposable) and found my hands covered in black magnetic paint that wasn't going anywhere. It attacked me all the way up to my elbows. As I frantically scrubbed feeling a little bit like Lady MacBeth because it was just multiplying before my eyes.

That's when I checked the can. I needed paint thinner which I didn't happen to have handy. So I did what any right minded woman would do.

I cleaned my entire arms with nail polish remover. It burned. It burned with the fire of a thousand suns. And I did it with a ski mask on to keep out the chemicals.

So I was suffocating. Burning. Desperately scrubbing. And missing my nap.

And you know what was going through my head the whole time? A Maggie Smith character quote,

"I hate it when people go around acting like they know everything...I specially hate it when they're right."