Four Years: Eli

Hey Baby Boy, Yesterday you turned four. We scarfed down cinnamon rolls and sang out our lungs for you because, seriously, sweet boy, you are a treasure. You waited through all six other birthday's in this family to finally get your turn and then fully lived up every moment of you day!

I have been so honored to watch you grow this last year. That scared, shy boy I met over a year ago is no where to be found anymore. You have more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I know. Being smack dab in the middle of this big family isn't always easy, but you play the middle child so well. You are always the first to encourage, help, or lift up your brothers and sisters.

Hold fast to that Eli. I don't have to tell you that the world won't always be easy, you already know. But your energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement for others shows a love that endures deep in you. You run faster, jump higher, and yell louder (ahem) than anyone I know. Don't lose that spark bud, it makes you shine.

You should know that yesterday was hard for me. Four years old and this is the first birthday I have gotten to spend with you. I mourned the memories we didn't make. I mourned your first family. I could tell you felt it a little too. But I also rejoiced for all the people that got to love you before me. I rejoiced that you have been so well cared for.

Sweet Eli, I can't wait for all the birthdays to come together. Daddy and I pray for you constantly, turn your heart to Jesus and you can't go wrong.

I love you!


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